Layering Protection… Sunglasses

Sunglasses being one of the trends of the time are becoming a need for every person may it be a man or a women. Since the fashion has emerged hence are the types for the sunglasses. As trends changes fashion changes. Starting with various types lets first check out the classification for sunglasses.

Its not only helps in protection and care of our eyes but also help in providing shade to the eyes thus allowing one to walk comfortable in the hotty hot summers.


Sunglasses are of many types but are majorly classified into:

Cat-eye, Aviators, Oversized, Shuttle, Wayfarer, Tea shades & Wrap-around. Cat Eye beingthe biggest hit of the specs area are the shades which are extended from the edges and gives a stylish look.

Aviator Sunglasses are the one which are launched by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 and gained alot of popularity later because of changing culture trends in the market. These are thin metal frames with color shades in between.

Oversized Sunglasses generally comes in brilliant hues with shaded lenses and can be acquired inexpensively. Since quite a long time moderate sunglasses are becoming a trend in this classification.

Glasses portrayed as wraparound may on the other hand have two lenses, yet again with an emphatically blended edge.

Beat the heat now and shop with your only


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