How to Apply Eyeliner like a Pro

You had no idea that life could be that easy .Now you can apply liner everyday without worrying about getting late for office. Just use a spoon .yeah you read that right.

A spoon is something you eat with, it’s not a makeup tool! I am sure that’s what you are thinking! But in the right hands, a spoon can turn into the perfect makeup tool! Don’t believe me? Follow this tutorial and you too will be able to use your spoon to get that perfect winged eyeliner!



Step 1: Take a medium length steel spoon, check for the length by holding it over the eye area. The edge shouldn’t be sharp. Now, place the flat end body of the spoon on the outermost corner of your eye area.




Step 2: Take a black liquid eyeliner and start drawing a very thin line by tracing the spoon at the outermost corner of your eyes. Place your tiny finger on the cheek area to get a steady hand. Avoid mistakes.




Step 3:  Now, place the spoon at the outermost end of the line drawn in the earlier step to the two thirds of your eyelid area.




Step 4:  Hold the spoon gently with your left hand and take the liquid eyeliner brush and draw a line by connecting the outer line of the eyeliner towards the centre of the eyelids.




Step 5:  Now, comes the easy part of the eye makeup. Start by filling in the triangular shape created in the previous step.





Step 6: Now, follow the natural shape of the eye from the innermost corner to the outermost end to complete the eyeliner look.


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