Soul In Heels



A stiletto heel is a long, thin high heel & sometimes referred to as spiked heels. A single-soled stiletto can have a heel as tall as five inches.

It goes perfect with short dresses to give you a steamy look with which you can even burn the heat this summer.


Wedge heels:- 

Wedge heels

Wedge shoes are of two type : wedge heels and wedge shoes. Wedge heels are flush simply like a high heel would be, and there is no partition from the heel to the sole. Wedge sandals are the sandals in which there is a strap for support so that one can walk more comfortably & can be carried with denims with utmost ease and comfort.



Cone Heels:-

More extensive at the sole of the foot and smaller at the base, cone heels structure what you may expect: a cone. Simply picture a frozen treat on the base of your shoe. Disclaimer: while we know you adore your shoe accumulation, please do whatever it takes not to eat them.


Ankle Strap heels:-

Ankle Strap heels


A most loved of the Click less group, lower leg strap heels are especially in style at this moment. The stature of the heel can shift, however the one shared factor is the strap that circumvents the lower leg, making the heels more secure and agreeable to stroll in.


Cut Out Heels:-

Cut Out Heels


Getting more on the offbeat, cool side of high heel sorts, cut out heels are any kind of heel that has a part of the upper cut out for impact.

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