Super cute hairstyles you can’t resist to try


The super cool Bun :


To get the look, spritz damp hair with texturizing spray pull it back into a high ponytail and twist the tail around the base. Secure with bobby pins that match your hair color.


The Pinned-Up Half-Pony :

The Pinned-Up Half-Pony

Secure twisted strands by pinning into an interesting design like this triangle shape. Consider upping the wow factor with glittery metallics or pops of neon. If you want to go all-out gorgeous, create mini fishtail braids to pin up like above.


 The Fab Side Pony :

The Fab Side Pony

Extend the life of yesterday’s blowout but curling large sections of your hair only at the ends, leaving the roots and mid shaft smooth. Also spend a couple of extra seconds with the iron, curling front pieces away from your face.


The Braid in a Braid :

The Braid in a Braid

Take a small section of hair, braid it, then create a big braid, weaving in the first. The result is part boho-cool but 100 percent beach ready.


 Add a ribbon :

Add a ribbon

Stick with neutral colored trimmings to keep it from looking too girly—and bonus points for showing off some designer love or re-purposing a gifted favorite.



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