Tiny Pocket in Your Jean

Since the very moment we donned a pair of jeans and encountered that tiny pocket we have been utterly confused! Why is it there? What is the need for this tiny pocket? For the longest time, I myself have assumed it was for show… but… err… it wasn’t?


Well it’s a ‘Watch pocket’.


In the 19th century, cowboys used this tiny pocket to keep their watches in order to avoid damaging or breaking them. Now who would’ve thought they were used for this?


There has always been a lot of mystery surrounding this fifth pocket, which according to the oldest archives was put there by none other than Levis!



Below I have enlisted a few other uses of this pocket:


1) Can be used to store coins! Now wouldn’t that be neat?


2) The pocket can also be a great place to put in your I-pod or MP3 player.


3) Storing condoms! Sneaky and useful.


4) USB drive. I keep losing mine, so now that I have discovered this hack, I am sure it will make my life better!


5) Women can put in tiny jewellery items in the pocket!


6) BOBBY PINS! You can literally buy hundreds and thousands of these and still not stop losing them.


Well literally anything that is small enough to put in this pocket and you keep losing is the appropriate item to put in this pocket!





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