How this new feature is impacting the e-commerce world?

While I was going through the various features that our website offers, I found the ‘Call to order’ feature. I proceeded to inquire about it and well I was intrigued to say the least with what I found out!

More than 60% of our population does not have access to the internet. Didn’t expect the percentage to be that high? Well neither did I. But there are plenty of people out there who don’t have the basic resources and necessities.

Metropolitan cities are flourishing and over flowing with people and opportunities, but there are so many who are still unaware and uneducated about plenty of things. Online shopping being one of the foremost and prominent things.

While this has made shopping for anything and the availability of items difficult to locate so much easier for us, this revolution hasn’t touched people who have no way of knowing or obtaining internet. The market has been taken by storm by this trend which is accelerating and shows no sign of slowing down but most of the e-commerce companies are busy pleasing 35-40% of the population.

Amidst all this Digishoppers introduced the ‘Call to order’ feature, this feature would allow people from all over the country irrespective of whether or not they have internet or not to be able to place an order for any item over the phone, which will then be delivered to that person. But the question arises how do people with no internet access order for things they don’t even know exist?

For this they print out pamphlets and brochures containing a detailed list of products that they have and have them distributed in the remotest of remote places. Making sure people receive them and understand them. This then makes it for a commoner to place an order easily.

My grandmother belongs to a small village located in Varanasi . She is old and the nearest shops are 12-15kms away, which makes shopping a tedious task for her. It’s not like she cannot live in the city, she just prefers the pollution free and not-so-chaotic environment of the village. When I told her about online shopping becoming a rage she was very happy to hear about it since she thought she would now be able to procure items easily, but with no internet access and no computers available it seems like an impossible task.

For people like her this feature may end up doing wonders.

Well it’s a start. We have to start somewhere… but this definitely seems like a step in the right direction.