Five Most affordable places in the World!

Are you a travel buff who loves exploring new places?

So am I and well 99% of the entire population. The only things missing now are the money and time to do that. They say now is the best time to do anything; I say yes it is if you have the resources. No I am not a pessimist; I am more of a realist.

Can you walk to the Caribbean? Or hitch a ride? Well no. Haven’t you heard of that super old and often used saying – If travelling was free you’d never see me again. But it isn’t, so here I am boring the shit out of you.

I would like to think there are places where I could travel to if I wanted with limited resources, so I coined a list of those places. Now go explore!

  • Bulgaria


It’s a beautiful place with a lot of places to explore. The capital Sofia offers a lot of good things if you are travelling there including great food and cheap accommodation. It is one of the cheapest countries to stay in, if you’re in Europe.


  • Cambodia


Cambodia is a south-east Asian nation it’s a very culturally rich nation. There are a lot of beautiful temples to visit once you are there. Accommodation is cheap, you can find dorm rooms for as cheap as $3 and private hotel rooms for upto $10 here and so is the food.
There are hordes of places to visit here including Angkor Wat – a famous ancient temple complex.


  • Marrakech, Morocco


The city is famous for its famous jewellery and pottery. The air fare too is not much and a lot of low cost flights fly there. You can visit Medina and the famous Koutoubia mosque, the flea markets in the city are also amazing. The food is delicious and you can try a range of new cuisines while you’re there.


  • Crete, Greece


While sipping Mykonos in Santorini may have been your lifelong dream, Crete is the cheaper alternative. It’s a beautiful place and very different from all the other places in Greece, the locals here are warm and forthcomings and Crete is well known for its crystal clear beaches. If you still want to go to Santorini, it’s a 45 minute ferry ride from Crete and totally worth a visit.


  • Peru


It’s a beautiful country in South America with mostly Hispanic natives. Peru has a rich heritage, it is the city where the glorious Machu Picchu is located. Explore that a lot of other ruins and the Peruvian cuisine is terrific. The country will surprise you. The best time to visit Peru is during winters (May to September).


Now all you need is a backpack and a pair of comfortable shoes and off you goes!


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