Benefits of an Induction Cooktop

Thinking of buying an Induction Cooktop for your kitchen but confused? Well, there are many reasons to buy one. We are witnessing a lot of technology around us these days. Things getting better, tasks rendered easier, changes everywhere. Why not introduce some technology in your kitchen?


Induction cooktops are finding their way to the modern Indian kitchen in a big way.  If you are still in a dubious state of mind whether to purchase one for your kitchen, here are some facts to help you take that decision.


Speedy: If you are one of those cooks who want to put dinner faster on the table, Induction cook top is just your thing! When in a hurry to cook, it’s better to give that gas stove a miss. Reach for the induction cooktop because it can certainly help speed-up the process of cooking. They give instant heat because of the electromagnetic activity that can heat the pan far quicker than gas stove.


Energy efficient: The induction technology brings about little energy wastage as it heats only the cookware and not the entire surface. This result is less energy consumption, lower electricity bills and a healthier environment. The best aspect is that you will have a cooler kitchen and you’ll sweat less.


Safe: With kids in your house, safety is an important consideration. The gas stoves have many risk factors attached thus, making your kitchen a dangerous place. Flames can easily lead to fire and burns. Even gas leaks are possible with kids around. Their tiny little hands love to twist and turn the burner knobs. An Induction cooktop is far less likely to create a fire or cause burns. So you are less stressed out when using induction in your kitchen.


Optimum Cooking: They come with optimized cooking and heating settings. This allows a more accurate control of heat for different cooking methods. This feature is of great help when cooking something delicate like a pasta sauce that can get easily burnt on a gas stove.


Ease of clean up: Cleaning up after cooking is no less a task than the former. A splatter or a spill on the gas stove can call for hours of scrubbing. But an induction cooktop rarely gets hot so the spilled food doesn’t burn. It can be easily cleaned with a quick swipe of the sponge.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or you wish to take out some time for yourself from your daily chores, investing now in an Induction Cooktop is definitely a great Idea.


The Magic of Ethnic wear!

It is a very well known fact that women love clothes!

As an Indian woman though what truly brings out the best in me is a sari or a suit! I love wearing traditional Indian outfits and accessorizing them well.

The authenticity attached to our Indian outfits just tends to make you feel closer to your culture. Did you know that the history of sari dates back to Indus valley civilization? Well, now that was a while ago!

Apart from being comfortable, it is so much fun wearing either read more