One Beauty Hack You Need

I have constantly had dark circles every now and then along with some occasional acne and even though the acne doesn’t bother me, dark circles and certain dark spots on my face do. Since I am not a fan of chemicals and face products (well I am constantly scared to use them what if I am allergic to something that I don’t know and my face breaks out?) which is why I stick by natural DIY face care.

Anything and everything that I can whip up in my kitchen is good to go on my face. I am sure a lot of you would be facing similar issues (Men and women alike).

I just discovered this amazing face pack that can be made easily and without the use of complex ingredients. I know too well the struggle we all face when something like this is in question and usually the ingredients are difficult to locate and read more…



Home an affordable makeover this Diwali

With Diwali right around the corner, the preparations have already begun. The first and foremost thing that every Indian household experiences is that the houses are repainted and cleaned, in lieu of traditions. Diwali being the biggest and most widely celebrated festival in the country is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show.


It’s a festival when families come together. While I am obsessed with Diwali, I am not a very big fan of the firecrackers, for me Diwali is all about coming together with my family.


But sometimes not all of us have the time or resources to re-do our entire house. If you’re looking for ways and means to be able to make your houses look beautiful without spending too much here’s what you can do read more..

Various kinds of watches that you may need

In today’s time when we’re surrounded by smart phones, laptops, gadgets watches have become pointless. The basic purpose of a watch – to tell the time can easily be fulfilled by any other gadget.


But regardless of that watches are one of the most commonly donned accessories. A person with style would know the value of donning a watch.


A wrist watch very much like any other accessory showcases the personality of the wearer. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of watches that you may need read more…

Celebrate Dussehra Now!

The big fat Dussehra sale is here! This gives you another reason for you to celebrate this festival! Digishoppers has launched the ‘Shopping Times’ – a weekly magazine which brings to you hundreds of products to choose from at the lowest prices. These products are priced the lowest in the entire market.


The products can be ordered by simply placing a call on – 0120-4670100! This new ‘Call To Order’ feature has been launched by Digishoppers in an attempt to be able to extend their services to consumers who don’t have access to the internet or for those consumers who still prefer shopping offline.


While their counterparts are still focused on reaping benefits by focusing on the percentage of population which is internet savvy, Digishoppers decided to look read more…

Are you looking for the perfect earphones?

I recently got my second paycheck while the first one went kaboom, I decided to buy something very important with the second one – good earphones. I hardly buy electronic items and I am not the kind of person who has earphones plugged in constantly which is why I think I have never owned one up until now.


The constant borrowing from my mother took a toll on me and I thought well its time. I bought my earphones from Philips and they are amazing. I feel great now that I have them, I can watch movies and listen to music without disturbing anyone which I used to do a lot back in the day. Blasting music on the television every morning really pissed off my folks. Not that I have stopped doing that, I only do this when read more…

Men love shoes

Men love shoes… probably even more than clothes. While this may go against all gender stereotypes but underneath all that machismo lies the gusto for footwear.

They love shoes – good branded, sturdy shoes that they can wear and look good. They calculate and spend time in deciding which shoe would best be paired with which outfit and secretly hope to own a lot of them.

While women have always criticized men for being scarce when it comes to clothes and assumed how they can survive in the same clothes for days I sincerely doubt the same applies to shoes for them. Very much like us they like to have variety and know what to wear, when!

I think it’s time we decoded men’s footwear read more…

Why reading books is the greatest habit to inculcate?

Why reading books is the greatest habit to inculcate?

Books can become your greatest companion when you’re feeling lonely or discouraged they can lift up your mood. I for one am a book fanatic. While my interests mainly lie in romance, mystery, thrillers and drama I occasionally pick up something meaningful too.


Books are my salvation. They teach me so much and help me evolve, they are my constant companions and you’ll almost never spot me without a book in my hand.

They give me solace and they make me happy, while I am a self-professed book addict what should your reason be to start reading?

Well for one if you think you want to brush up your vocabulary or English skills, pick up a book! Yes, it’s absolutely true that reading can help you improve your spoken English and who knows you might fall in love with read more…

The Magic of Ethnic wear!

It is a very well known fact that women love clothes!

As an Indian woman though what truly brings out the best in me is a sari or a suit! I love wearing traditional Indian outfits and accessorizing them well.

The authenticity attached to our Indian outfits just tends to make you feel closer to your culture. Did you know that the history of sari dates back to Indus valley civilization? Well, now that was a while ago!

Apart from being comfortable, it is so much fun wearing either read more

Is your kid constantly cranky? Here’s what you can do to distract them!

Every parent with a toddler has often been trapped in a situation where they wished they had been carrying something that would probably keep their little one distracted and from making a lot of noise!

It goes from noisy to chaotic to finally embarrassing.

Sometimes your very own offspring’s can destroy everything for you. In a situation such as this one it’s always a good idea to keep some games or educational tools handy to keep them engaged. I am sure most mums already carry as much as they can, from food to toys to everything that their mischievous little one may need.

But these are a couple of more items that can be added to this list and will read more…

Fastrack your way through weight loss with these tips!

The current junk trends that everyone seems to be following around the world has only led to greater health problems. While I am completely anti body shaming, I am a pro fitness supporter.


Over the years I have read plenty of articles and have had ‘n’ number of experiences to safely conclude that what we eat and put into out body plays 70% part in our overall health.

If you’re considering losing weight or even changing your eating habits these are some of the tips that you must keep in Read more…